Our Family

When my then 3-year-old son Lewis suffered a major stroke, I was thrown into the world of tube feeding. It was a massive learning curve for our family, dealing with a huge range of challenges that come with being a new medical family.

One of the biggest challenges was trying to get Lewis to consume enough nutrition and calories to support healthy growth and development. 

I had always been interested in nutrition and I wasn’t happy with the high sugar content of hospital available blends. I started making my own blends at home, and from there, Wholesome Blends was created.

Lewis and his twin brother Cohan are now 15, and the last 12 years have been the most amazing experience. We have come to know so many beautiful families and the encouragement and support I have received from the tubie community is incredible.

There have been many setbacks and challenges in bringing Wholesome Blends to fruition, but it is a passion project for me. 

With the help of an experienced Chef, Dietitian and of course Chief Tubie Lewis, Wholesome Blends is providing healthy, high calorie meals that are easy to store and perfect for busy families on the go.

We recently launched a Vegetarian blend and will continue to develop recipes to cover dietary and nutrition needs. 

Sarah, Lewis and Cohan xx

The Wholesome Blends team.